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  • BioShock
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
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A self-deprecating, overly sarcastic pair of glasses that occasionally possesses a human host in order to partake in the delightful process of playing video games, then immediately complaining about them. When he is not playing games (a rare occurrence), he can be found either writing about things that no one cares about, or haunting the quiet streets of his Canadian suburb.
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Jun 8, 2020

Each game could easily go toe to toe with any modern-day juggernaut, but only the BioShocks can be played on the go.

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7 / 10 - Filament
Apr 22, 2020

A deadly combination of challenging puzzles and curiosity-driven exploration, though it's the puzzle fanatic that'll walk away most satisfied.

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5 / 10 - Overpass
Mar 6, 2020

Overpass's unique physics system and emphasis on balance might be enough to win over the most dedicated of off-road racing fans, but its shallow progression systems and monotonous gameplay loop greatly limit its appeal.

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Feb 23, 2020

Top-down, two-player food fights sure sound like a recipe for success, but Nom Nom Apocalypse lacks the mechanical garnish to distinguish itself in the competitive rogue-lite space. There's challenging battles, there's tactics, but nary enough depth to sustain long-term play.

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60 / 100 - Superliminal
Jan 25, 2020

Superliminal is a short, sweet, but superficial exploration of one the most interesting mechanics to find its way into a puzzle game. It excites with the possibility of what could be, but fails to deliver on the challenges its mechanics beg for.

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6 / 10 - Orangeblood
Jan 13, 2020

When all the profanities have been said and all the odd jobs have been done, Orangeblood is a one-of-a-kind experience that's equal parts endearing and incoherent. There's just enough to see, hear, and do to warrant a two-day getaway to New Koza.

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Frog Detective 2 makes up for a lack of complexity and length with its dopey, surreal humor and charming visual aesthetic. An evening well spent.

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7 / 10 - Mosaic
Dec 5, 2019

Mosaic is the plight of the office worker reimagined for the not-to-distant dystopian future. The tedium, the soullessness, the loneliness — it's all here, presented with sleek, stylish art and simple, effective mechanics. But, the burden of virtual corporate slavery is perhaps too much to bear; the game is prone to frequent bouts of monotony that pull players out of the experience.

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One of this generation's titans finally makes its landmark debut on the Nintendo Switch. For newcomers who can fight through the rocky 30 frames per second and lower resolutions, The Witcher 3 on Switch is a no-brainer. But, for those with no plans to take their monster-killing outside, the game is better enjoyed on other consoles.

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80 / 100 - John Wick Hex
Oct 8, 2019

A graceful dance of lead and fists through some lovely set pieces and a whole lot of unsuspecting thugs. Nurturing quick, adaptive thinking, John Wick Hex is an excellent distillation of the franchise.

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