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Feb 12, 2019

Whether it's your first time playing a game in the genre or not, Steins;Gate Elite is definitely one of the best visual novels available today. Just keep in mind that, while it may have taken a bit for the Phonewave (name subject to change) to heat the story up, the payoff is worth the wait.

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Oct 17, 2018

Instead of forcing story-based planet missions into a game that doesn't have an interesting story, Starlink should have doubled down on space combat. If it did, the flaws in the story would have been outshined by the constant joy experienced while dogfighting in space.

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Sep 2, 2018

If you enjoy a challenging platformer, The King's Bird will test your limits. Even if you don't, it is at least important to note what the indie title is able to accomplish with its physics. Still, a lacking progression system, threading the needle difficulty, and bad camera work currently hold The King's Bird back from being a great game, and it is instead merely a good one.

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