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Available on:PCMar 8, 2018

Developer: GameChanger Studio

Publishers: Another Indie, Toge Productions

Genre: Interactive Story

The dark and twisted themes of My Lovely Daughter are a commentary on child labor, abusive parenting, and ignorant societies. This game is intended to make people sad and uneasy but there is a deeper meaning behind the horror.My Lovely Daughter is inspired by the hardships experienced by members of our team growing up. The game is designed to upset and disturb you.

My Lovely Daughter is a game about overcoming the loss of a loved one through forbidden alchemy experiments ... and murder. You are Faust, an amnesiac alchemist and father, who wakes up alone and confused only to discover that your lovely daughter has died. As you enter the first stages of grief, you do what everyone wishes they could do but can’t: bring back the dead with the power of alchemy.

To revive your daughter, you must perform forbidden alchemy experiments to restore her soul. You will have to create dozens of homunculi, raise them as if they were your own daughter, build relationships with them ... and then murder them to harvest their souls!

To support your experiments, you will also need to assign jobs to your homunculi, even sacrifice their bodies in order to sell their remnants, all to keep your income flowing and your research progressing. Perhaps, along the way, you will even recover your own memories and come to understand how this terrible situation came about.

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6.5 / 10.0
Robert Grosso

Purposefully dark and disturbing, My Lovely Daughter doesn't have much in the way of gameplay mechanics, but what it does have serves a greater purpose to the games overall themes.

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3 / 5.0

Although there is a lot of repetitiveness, My Lovely Daughter is a different and unique game that will pull on your heartstrings. Just keep in mind though, that this game is designed to upset and to disturb you.

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7.5 / 10.0

My Lovely Daughter is a game that shouldn't be missed by fans of point-and-click games and especially those who are into horror or macabre themes.

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Goomba Stomp

6 / 10.0
Goomba Stomp

My Lovely Daughter is a game of great potential and devilish compulsion, but it needs some final edits and balancing to make the nightmare real.

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