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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftJun 18, 2018
HTC ViveJun 18, 2018

Developer: Blueteak

Publisher: Alvios, Inc

Genres: Simulation, First-Person Shooter

QuiVr literally puts the power of the bow and arrow in your hands. Tasked with defending your keep (and the power within) from an ever-advancing enemy, you’ll find yourself in a thrilling fight for your very survival! It won’t be an easy battle - but with steady hands and powerful friends, you’re sure to succeed...

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QuiVr Reviews

Extensive RPG mechanics, dynamically generated maps, cooperative multiplayer, and continuous updates puts QuiVr in a class normally reserved for AAA developers with expansive teams. There's a reason QuiVr consistently comes up in everyone's top 10 list -- this is a title you need in your library.

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