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Battle Princess Madelyn

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Available on:PCDec 5, 2018
Nintendo SwitchDec 13, 2018

Developer: Causal Bit Games Inc.

Publisher: Hound Picked Games

Genres: Adventure, Platformer

Madelyn, Madelyn, it's time to get up! You have a big journey ahead of you, saving us all from an evil wizard. You've trained for this day, and the ghost of your pet dog, Fritzy, will remain by your side. We believe in you!

All good adventures need a hero, and that hero is you Madelyn. Traveling the world through magical portals beyond the realms of time and space, you will journey to far off lands, as I tell you a story that will leave your bedroom far behind. For there is a kingdom, you see, that is in peril, and it is up to you to save it, and everyone you know, from the terrifying clutches of an evil wizard.

Accompanied by the ghost of Fritzy, your pet dog, you must avenge him, restoring order once again. Tackling all manner of deadly foes, you will overcome sinister graveyards, murky swamps and looming castles to achieve your goal. It will be difficult, but we all believe in you Madelyn, we know you can do it!


With the retro of feel Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and Wonder Boy 3, this will conjure up memories of the arcade era with its Unity driven hand-drawn pixel art

10 levels with five stages each, they're replayable with no starting over (that is unless you want to)

Two modes including story (by a professional children's author) and arcade (for the experts)

Hidden collectibles with extra rewards, weapons are upgradeable depending on your armour, which you can find through the blacksmith in story mode

Fritzy has special powers to help you and assists you in your quest

Weapons are specific to certain areas, providing access to secret locations

Travel across the world using special portals to get from place to place


Slipping between classic arcade FM/PCM and modern orchestrated, you can tailor the music score from Gryzor87 (of Maldita Castilla fame) to help set the scene

Lovingly crafted by veteran artist Christopher Obritsch, the game features distinctive pixel art, from the cut-scenes, to the gameplay, with depth provided through dynamic lighting

So, let me now tell you this classic tale of good versus evil...

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Metro GameCentral

6 / 10
Metro GameCentral

The game's love for Ghosts ‘N Goblins is obvious but its refusal to cater for anyone but hardcore fans results in a frustrating and tedious slog – especially in story mode.

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Game Informer

7.3 / 10.0
Game Informer

With both arcade and story modes, there's a lot of old-school charm to enjoy, but be prepared for some old-school frustration as well

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6 / 10

The arcadey gameplay of Battle Princess Madelyn is a treat, but the game's weak story mode drags down the package.

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4 / 10
Adrian Burrows

Battle Princess Madelyn has some lovely animated cut scenes to enjoy, the plot begins in a charming manner that brings to mind the Princess Bride, and its retro inspired pixelated graphics are on point. If only they were attached to fun and compelling gameplay, then Battle Princess Madelyn really could have been a contender to capture the crown of Ghost ‘n Goblins. As it stands, it's probably best to avoid this one and break out your SNES from storage instead.

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