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Based on 22 critic reviews
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Available on:PlayStation 4Mar 26, 2019
Nintendo SwitchMar 26, 2019

Publisher: NIS America

Genres: RPG, Strategy

Become an Instructor and guide four princesses on the path to becoming great leaders!

Choose among four princesses on their quest to forging a world of their dreams. Will you choose to end world hunger with Liliartie, the hungry-but-happy Warrior Princess? Or you may want to help Veronica, the brash-but-talented Witch Princess, achieve world domination? Perhaps unearth family secrets and end poverty with the Rose Princess, Monomaria? Or spread words of peace and faith across the world with Alpana, the Dragon Princess?

Guide your princess with "Praise" or "Scold" to make them stronger, happier, and ultimately a worthy heir to the throne.

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The Princess Guide - Getting Royally Schooled (Nintendo Switch, PS4)

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The Princess Guide - Your 4 Knights Princesses (Nintendo Switch, PS4)

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The Princess Guide - Announcement Trailer (Nintendo Switch, PS4)


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5.5 / 10.0

The Princess Guide is a game I enjoy less and less the more I play it. There is a sound structure here and some really clever ideas, but the weight of all its small issues really burden what should a fun and frivolous experience.

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6 / 10
Miguel Moran

The Princess Guide is an adorable, energetic game. It has gorgeous art and fun, well-written characters. It's just marred by grinding through messy and poorly designed combat. The AI squad-mates that are so integral to the action have terrible AI that make it impossible to consistently coordinate any of their actions. There's massive heart and care put into the narrative and visual design of The Princess Guide, but that is weighed down by how frustrating it is to play the game.

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5 / 10

The Princess Guide feels like a mishmash of ideas that involves some creative concepts, characters with a good deal of personality and visually appealing, but the game mechanics are not properly explained, there's several examples of incoherence in the plot development and the combat is rather repetitive. Overall, this experience ends up becoming disappointing.

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5 / 10

The Princess Guide bring a poor action gameplay, despites an interesting design and nice strategic phases.

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