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General Information

Available on:PCApr 3, 2019

Developer: EightyEight Games

Genre: Adventure

I think you should play Photographs. I tried to make it a little bit different from most games. It sort of mixes puzzle and narrative in a ( hopefully ) interesting way. You might get stuck on some puzzles, but you should never not know what you need to do to proceed. So what do you actually do? Well, you search around and solve puzzles, and as you do so you'll be developing a scene in front of you and hearing a story. I want to the story to really stand out, so the game has got really beautiful pixel art and top notch music, combined with gameplay and narrative beats that individually would do a pretty good job of telling that story, but come together to really make something special. It's a pretty short game too. I would say just over three hours. There are loads of games these days and who has time to play them all? I've tried to keep things as condensed as possible rather than add filler, to be as respectful for your time as I can be. Each story is in a different setting and has completely different gameplay mechanics. It ended up being a LOT of work, but It's kind of necessary: The gameplay itself has a hand in telling the story, so what works for one tale wouldn't work for another. I don't think there's anything else like it out there, so if nothing else, It should give you a unique experience. So yeah. That's my pitch, If that sounds interesting to you, give it a shot!

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Photographs Reviews

With gripping stories, great puzzles, and a cast of empathetic characters, Photographs is absolutely worth your time

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Photographs is a very novel experience (well, a very short story experience, fnarr), lovingly crafted, if not fully composed. I don’t love it as a puzzle game, but it’s a vignette of vignettes, and I like it for that.

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