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Available on:PCJun 5, 2019

Developers: Benjamin Soulé, Pentadrangle

Genres: Roguelike, Platformer

The Void is everywhere, but it is not merely an absence of matter – it lives, it feels and it feeds. All the stars shall come undone by its will. Bring forth the end! Vanquish these worlds and feel the power of the Void flow through you! Answer the call, and become more! Well, for now…

Unlike many bullet hell arcade games Voidrun does not give you a gun. Instead you must encircle your enemies with Void Balls and watch its power destroy them. However, you must pick your attacks carefully: The void balls are also your only way of blocking enemy projectiles.

Voidrun also features your favorite mechanics from recent rouge-likes:

Travel through up to 9 different worlds over your playthroughs

Select from 9 different ships

Play through 4 different difficulty modes

Chose from 19 unique power-ups

In each run you must void four planets, but watch out! For each planet you void, one power-up will be removed…
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70 / 100

Voidrun is an interesting roguelite where you're a spaceship that surrounds enemies with bombs to destroy them. The game is simple to learn but difficult to master. With three different modes to play, you'll have plenty of time to practice your moves.

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