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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – A Woman’s Lot

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Available on:PlayStation 4Jun 11, 2019
Xbox OneJun 11, 2019
PCMay 28, 2019

Developer: Warhorse Studios

Publisher: Deep Silver

Genres: Adventure, RPG

In the fourth DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you can experience two standalone series of quests.

In "A Woman's Lot", you play as Theresa accompanied by her loyal dog Tinker in a standalone questline. You will experience ordinary life in Skalitz and later witness the fateful events of Sigismund's raid and its aftermath from a wholly different perspective. "A Woman's Lot" provides the last piece of the puzzle in the Skalitz story, as you find out what happened just before Henry is found unconscious.

In "The Madonna of Sasau", Henry has to help Johanka, and old friend from Skalitz who survived the massacre and took refuge in Sasau Monastery, to overcome the terrifying nightmares that have recently plagued her. Henry will need to visit the places revealed in Johanka's visions and find out what’s really behind them. Then he will help her with her new calling. Neither Henry nor Johanka knows what that will demand of them or what end it will ultimately lead to…


Two New Questlines:

A Woman's Lot - play as Theresa and explore Skalitz before the attack in a standalone series of quests

The Madonna of Sasau - major new questline for Henry with multiple endings

Dog companion for both Henry and Theresa

New Houndmaster skill

New items (weapon, shield and potion) and perks to unlock

New characters and one new historical figure to be met and interacted with

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6.9 / 10.0

While Johanka's story is interesting, albeit with plenty of boring sections scattered throughout, Theresa's 'ordinary life' is so dull it made me want to do my own chores more than play a video game.

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7.5 / 10.0
Richard Costa

A Woman's Lot is a rewarding coda for Kingdom Come: Deliverance that might make you itch for a new playthrough. It features two tense questlines where you'll survive the Sack of Skalitz as Henry's love interest Theresa, and help the devout nurse Johanka in her complex theological conundrum.

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4.7 / 5.0

A focus shift from the main character to an important supporting character helps to flesh out the world and story whilst giving the player a change of pace.

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7 / 10

While the gameplay mechanics, and the world you'll traverse are exactly the same, A Woman's Lot is a very enjoyable supplement to the core game, that follows the perspective of one of the best characters in it. Not a must have, but undoubtedly the best DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance released so far.

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