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Hitman 2 Gets Its Halloween Update and It's Free Whether or Not You Own the Game

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Agent 47's latest Hitman 2 mission takes him back to Hawke's Bay, New Zealand for a Halloween hit in today's free update. The centerpiece of the update is the new three-part Escalation Contract called The Mills Reverie. For this contract, the beach house property has been done up for the season with bats, dead trees, crosses, and more decor, and it wouldn't be Hitman without an elaborate costume. This time, Agent 47 rises from a creepy, lonesome bed by the shore, dressed in a trenchcoat and a jack-o-lantern mask like some kind of horror movie slasher.

The update is not only free for owners of Hitman 2, but for anyone who downloads the Hitman 2 Starter Pack, which includes the game's first level Hawke's Bay and all related achievements and trophies. Players who complete all three phases of the Escalation Contract will unlock the tactical wetsuit and bat shuriken for permanent use across the game. Escalation Contracts are missions that require players to beat a particular set of increasingly difficult challenges.

If you're looking for more Halloween-themed content in Agent 47's world, a new Elusive Contract arrives later this week titled, "The Serial Killer." IO Interactive is waiting to share more about this contract but teased that it will take place on the Whittleton Creek map. With Elusive Contracts, players have one shot at eliminating a target within a particular real-time window. Success means exclusive rewards, while failure means game over for that contract permanently.

Even more horror-themed content also comes today in the new Legacy Challenge Pack, which includes three new costumes: Himmapan Horror, Master Scarecrow, and Master Vampire. On Halloween itself, October 31st, a new challenge pack called Uninvited will also arrive and will pay tribute to classic horrors with new ways to play in Hawke's Bay. If that's still not enough Halloween content for you, maybe your time will be better spent with one of many other live-service games' Halloween updates this week, such as Sea of Thieves, Borderlands 3, or Anthem.

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