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Sony Issuing Refunds for WWE 2K20

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WWE 2K20 has a dismal 40 rating here on OpenCritic, with 0% of critics recommending the game. To say that it has had a rocky launch would be an understatement. Now, Sony has added to that poor start for 2K Games' title by issuing refunds to unhappy customers, per

Since Tuesday, fans of the series have taken to the hashtag #FixWWE2K20 to both voice their displeasure with the state of the game and to bring attention to the issue. A quick perusal of the hashtag and you'll see plenty of gamebreaking bugs, and of course plenty of memes.

With WWE 2K20 being a yearly release, some are left wondering what exactly has led to the myriad of bugs, many of which are gamebreaking, because of how similar games in the franchise are year to year. Rather than big changes with every sequel, it's a series that changes over time.

One big change came in the development of the game recently. Back in August, Japanese studio Yuke parted ways with 2K. Yuke had been working on wrestling titles since 1999, starting with WWF Smackdown! on the first PlayStation.

They handed the reins over to Visual Concepts, who has co-developed the WWE 2K series since 2014, so they are not exactly unfamiliar with the series. There's no doubt that Yuke's departure will have affected development, but just how much of the problems here are laid at the feet of their parting is unknown.

Yuke has started to work on their own IP for a wrestling game but no details have been released yet.

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