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HITMAN 2's November Roadmap Has Been Revealed

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IO Interactive has released the November Roadmap for HITMAN 2, letting us know what is coming to the game this month. As this is the game's one year anniversary, the team is planning on releasing a good bit of content to celebrate.

Celebrations for HITMAN 2's anniversary begin today and will see new content released on November 14th, 19th, 22nd, and 28th. This includes six Escalation Contracts, four Challenge packs, a Featured Contract, an Elusive Target, five item unlocks, and two suit unlocks. You can check out November's Roadmap in the trailer below.

On November 19th, an update to HITMAN 2 will be released. It will include improvements, tweaks, and fixes for the game. IO Interactive stated that they are looking to the future of the franchise. This includes moving more and more of the HITMAN 2 team over to the next game in the series, which is underway. This means that November will bring the last major patch and set of release notes for the game. December will end the year with the remaining new content drops for HITMAN 2, which includes Escalations and an Elusive Target. The month will also see the permanent return of some seasonal content.

In 2020, HITMAN 2 live content will focus on continuing to add Featured Contracts, as well as introduce Community-curated Contracts. IO Interactive is also planning on re-activating some Elusive Targets, which will give players another chance to earn rewards attached to these missions. It also allows players to experience any Targets that they may have missed the first time around.

Overall, this seems like a good month for HITMAN 2 players, as they will receive greatest amount of content seen in a month. Hopefully it can hold them over until the next HITMAN releases, which should hopefully be in the not too distant future.

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