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Eclipse: Edge of Light

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Available on:PlayStation VRJan 14, 2020
Oculus RiftJan 14, 2019
HTC ViveJan 14, 2019

Developer: White Elk

Genre: Adventure

Crash-landed on a sentient planet, you awake to discover a dreamscape world, filled with alien wonder and the remains of a betrayed civilization. You find a powerful relic, the Artifact, that can interact with ancient technology and grant you near-magical powers. Just what secrets does the planet harbor? What cataclysm befell its inhabitants? Using your jetpack-equipped space suit, investigate the ancient ruins to uncover the planet's perplexing past. Immerse yourself in a fascinating and memorable new world. Can you rise to the challenge and solve the haunting riddle of this mysterious place?

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Unravel the mysterious history of a dead planet in a brief, overly simplistic first person walking simulator.

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As an experiential piece of software, and one with a fantastic sense of place, Eclipse ticks a lot of PSVR boxes, but don't be surprised to come away wanting for a bit more.

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Slow progression, short game length, and a blasé narrative came together to ensure I wouldn't want to take this adventure again...unless I just didn't have much else to do on my Switch.

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While it isn't winning any graphics awards (not that it's terrible), Eclipse: Edge of Light still manages to achieve VR greatness. With a few simple mechanics, Eclipse allows the player to experience its eerie, lonely world in ways that feel tactile and rewarding. Highly recommended for fans of trippy sci-fi, Eclipse stands out from the crowd in all the right ways.

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